I am Marta, the creator and instructor of Online Spanish Courses for You

I am a former professional teacher and I have been teaching Spanish for 10 years now to students from all over the world. I have helped more than 600 students to learn Spanish and to reach their different learning goals. I like to  work on the practical use of Spanish, with as much personal interaction as possible for learners at every level, from beginners to advanced, suiting the classes to their needs and goals. 

I understand how the second language learning process works, and I always keep in mind  the students’ unique  profiles, learning preferences and cultural background designing courses according to student’s interests and skills. I love to guide Spanish students in their learning journey.

I design the online Spanish courses according to the students’ interests. It is a fact that is easier to remember vocabulary and internalize concepts and structures if you are discussing topics that are  interesting, meaningful or familiar for you.

Initially,my background is scientific.I studied chemistry, but I quickly realized that my real passion lies in teaching.To make a long story short, I studied to become a teacher of Spanish as a second language.

Over the years, I have learnt more and more about the learning process and I have developed an intuition, and sensitivity that makes me understand the needs of each student. This allows me to then create an intimate and comfortable setting where students can learn Spanish in a natural way. 

I changed to online classes one year and a half before the pandemic situation, although I had experience with online classes before. I have constructed the class structure using basic virtual tools that work very well, and I use a selection of materials, books, and links. I can say that with Online Spanish lessons the Spanish classes have been optimized without losing the natural and personal style. 

About the team. A Sustainable way of working.

My goal is offering good job conditions to be able to create a collaborative way of working allowing us to learn and deliver a good service improving each part of the learning process.So the teachers are carefully selected considering: the skills, the experience, the personality , the needs of the students and also respecting the own teacher’s needs



I am a qualified Spanish teacher with more than 15 years of experience. I have been training both students to obtain their official ELE titles and beginner students both in official schools and Online. My classes are enjoyable and interesting, I personalize them according to the interests and needs of the student, such as adapting to classes aimed at obtaining a job, social life and daily life, university, travel, to live in a specific country with their habits etc. Also when it comes to teaching groups I love doing participatory group dynamics and adapted to each situation.
Apart from being a Spanish teacher, I am an educational psychologist and therapist in Ayurveda and yoga, so my way of teaching is holistic and patient, knowing at all times what the student and the group need in all their aspects and dealing perfectly with any difficulties that may stagnate knowledge.